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The Crucible – Is John Proctor a Sincere Christian


The Crucible– Is John Proctor a Sincere Christian

!.?. !? John Proctor, A True Male of God? The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play based upon the Salem Witch Trials. The people behind the Trials, the Puritans, were used as the characters in this work, and one of them, along with their partly fabricated background, struck me in specific. John Proctor was a typical Puritan guy, decent quantity of land, livestock, and Christian. John Proctors, entry into the story begins with his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, being implicated of witchcraft by Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris’s niece.

John Proctor then commits his time to saving his other half. A few of Proctor’s actions, before and throughout the time period of the play, cause people to ask the question, “Is John Proctor a sincere Christian?” As somebody with strong views on Christianity and religious beliefs as an entire, I think there’s no other way he could not be. Yes, John Proctor did have his faults, and he did make errors, but he has a goodness in his heart that is a force to be reckoned with.

It is pointed out at one point in the story that Proctor had not been in church extremely typically. The Puritans thought in going to church whenever they were anticipated to, so to individuals of Salem, this may have painted him as a fraud, a non-Christian troublemaker. John Proctor would read the bible to his sons, that sounds pretty Christian to me. Not to discuss, he had a reasonable factor to not go to church. The reverend, Mr. Parris, often delivered a sermon damaged by the greedy ideas that surrounded land and power.

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A significant mistake made by Mr. Proctor is one that makes lots of people question his character, is one that would follow him into the Trials. John Proctor was an adulterer. Abigail Williams and John Proctor had an affair, until he broke it off. He understood he did incorrect, but he could not reverse what he ‘d done. He didn’t recognize that he had actually unintentionally signed his own death certificate. Yes, John Proctor dedicated adultery, however when the time came, he confessed, and he repented.

He so highly regretted what he did, and attempted to repair it, that you need to understand he’s serious about his faith. Further proof of his sincere practice is his refusal to lie, albeit that he knew he would lose his life if he didn’t. Based upon what I read and seen of The Crucible, John Proctor is nothing however a kind, gentle, Christian guy. The only true way to be a Christian is to try your hardest to follow the laws that have actually been given to us, and accept that we are only human, and often we make mistakes.

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