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The Crucible Study Guide Act IV


The Crucible Research Study Guide Act IV

Act IV 1. What is Miller’s purpose setting this scene in a jail cell? The setting of the prison helps the audience to think about the reality of the dreadful conditions of individuals who are jailed. They detainees are dealt with like animals. They have dirty conditions and it similar to residing in a barn. It is cold and dark and the bedding is straw. When Herrick goes into, it says that he pushes a bundle of rags pushing a bench which suggests that you can not tell that there is even an individual in the cell. The audience knows how these individuals suffered for no reason. 2.

Explain Miller’s use of comic relief at the start of this act. How is this scene ambiguous? p121-122 Herrick comes into the cell and informs Sarah and Tituba that they are going to transfer to the north cell due to the fact that this one is needed. Sarah thinks that he is the devil. She calls the devil “His Majesty”. Tituba understands that it is Marshall Herrick. Herrick lets Sarah have a few of his cider. She says she is going away. Herrick asks her where she is going. She says that the devil is bringing them feathers and wings to fly to Barbados. Sarah errors a cow for the devil. It appears that Sarah is insane p. 6 Mary Warren tells us that Sarah Good admitted and that she didn’t actually think that this poor, old, homeless female was a witch however that in the courtroom Sarah sent her spirit to choke her. She would come to the Proctor’s home to beg for bread and cider and when she turned her away then she would mumble. Mary thought that perhaps Sarah had put a curse on her. Herrick is rather ironical with Sarah and goes along with what she is stating. He humors her. He doesn’t appear to be scared of her and believes her rantings are outrageous. If she was truly a witch and had the power of a witch then he would ear her. 3. Danforth, Hathorne, and Cheever’s conversation informs the audience about what modifications in Salem in the months that passed between Act III and IV? Mr. Parris appears to be sobbing all the time. Mr. Cheever believes it is since the cows are questioning the highroads because all their masters are in prison. Mr. Cheever says that the farmers are constantly arguing and that all the contention makes Mr. Parris weep. It appears to be so absurd that Mr. Cheever thinks that is why Mr. Parris is weeping. Mr. Hale has been far from Salem and preaching in Andover but he has returned to ray with the condemned. P. 125 4. Explain Parris’s comment: “Hale has actually gone back to bring Rebecca Nurse to God.” Parris suggests that Hale is trying to get Rebecca to confess so that she can conserve her life. Seemingly Rebecca has actually not spoken with Parris in three months but she will sit with Hale and the some of the other ladies. p125 5. What is the relationship in between the rebellion in Andover and the flight of Abigail and Mercy Lewis? Evidently in Andover, people have stopped thinking in witchcraft and the courts have actually closed down their proceedings so it is possible that Abigail and Grace have gotten away ecause they are afraid that peoples’ views of witchcraft have actually changed and that individuals in Salem will start to turn against Abigail and Mercy so they leave town prior to that can happen. 6. Why is Parris distressed? Parris is concerned that the news of Andover’s disobedience will cause a disobedience in Salem. Parris is stressed that up until this point that individuals that have actually been hanged were not all that saintly to begin with today Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are people that are highly appreciated in the neighborhood and the town will not be as delighted to see these people hanged. P. 127 7.

Why is it crucial for the court to get one of the implicated “respectable residents,” such as John Proctor or Rebecca Nurse to admit? If they confess then it will offer credibility to the court. 8. Parris brings what news that additional disturbs Danforth? Parris tells Danforth that Abigail and Grace have actually vanished. He thinks they boarded a ship. His strong box has been gotten into and he has no money. P. 126 Parris believes that Abigail has found out about the rebellion in Andover and that is the factor she has left. 9. Explain Parris’s remark that Rebecca will “wake a vengeance” on Danforth. 127 Rebecca is a pillar of the church and if she is given the chance to speak then she will reveal the town what an exemplary woman she is by her prayers and after that the town will switch on those that have actually condemned these exemplary and reputable individuals. 10. Name the recent event that has made Parris afraid for his life and describe its social significance. Parris reports to Danforth that” Tonight, when I open my door to leave my house– a dagger clattered to the ground.” He informs Danforth, “You can not hang this sort. There is risk for me. I attempt not step outdoors in the evening!

It is an example that individuals of Salem are starting to turn versus Parris. 11. Why has John Proctor end up being the court’s last hope to conserve its credibility? They believe that given that Rebecca is pregnant that he has a reason to wish to live. He is the only one that they think they can encourage to admit. If he admits then that will assist bring back the credibility of the court. 12. In what method is Reverend Hale doing the Devil’s work? He is attempting to get individuals to confess although he understands that they are innocent however he does not see any other way to conserve their lives and he needs to be rid of the regret of beginning this mess. 3. Explain Miller’s function in writing Hale’s warning in basic terms: “Cleave to no faith when faith brings blood. It is mistaken law that leads you to compromise.” p. 132 Hale means that she should not think that producing someone’s death is being a loyal Christian. In the Old Testimony God’s people had to make sacrifices to be exemplary. Christians do not need to make a sacrifice because Christ craved their sins. Miller utilizes Hale now as the character that is making commentary on the present situation with McCarthy’s committee. The people that are being questioned in the McCarthy hearing ought to not compromise ther people to save themselves. Miller would not give the committee the names of individuals that went to meeting that he had actually gone to. 14. When Proctor questions whether anyone has confessed, what does this expose about his inner dispute? P. 134 He is believing that possibly he ought to admit because he needs to confess so that he will live for his wife and children however his pride and honor is stopping him. He is wondering if somebody that he appreciates like Rebecca has confessed then he would have the ability to admit too and it would make it ok. 15. Explain Giles’ fate. p. 135 Giles declined to respond to the charges.

If he denied the charges he would be hanged and his home would be auctioned. If he doesn’t say anything then his boys would inherit his land. They laid stones on him till he died. In defiance his last words were “more weight”. 16. Discuss the metaphor, “a thread to weave into his agony: ‘More weight. ‘” Rebecca is the first example of someone that declines to confess and would rather die than admit to something that isn’t true. Giles is the 2nd example of someone that Proctor admires and refuses to lie to conserve himself. This just makes it harder for Proctor to decide of whether o conserve himself or defy the court. 17. When John asks his partner for forgiveness, what discovery does the audience receive about Elizabeth’s character? P. 137 She says that she is just as guilty for his lechery. She triggered him to go to Abigail because she was such a cold other half and did not understand how to say her love. She informs him that “I never knew such goodness in the world.” She is stating that he is an excellent guy. She recognizes that she brings some duty for the reality that John had an affair. 18. Discuss the paradox of John’s statement that it would be a scams for him to die for the reality. 136 He suggests that he is not a great male due to the fact that he is an adulterer and that he should not be seen in the same light as individuals like Rebecca and Giles. He was a bad guy to start and God knows that. He states, “Let them that never ever lied die now to keep their souls. It is pretense for me, a vanity that will not blind God nor keep my children out of the wind.” 19. What obligation does Elizabeth accept for Proctor’s lechery? What does she advise him to do? She realizes that she is partially to blame for the fact that John went to Abigail. She believes that she was a cold partner.

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She tells him that whatever he chooses to do she understands that he is a good guy. 20. What event makes Proctor recant his confession? What is the significance of this occasion? Danforth wants him to implicate Rebecca however Proctor will refrain from doing it. Rebecca is amazed that he is admitting to save his life. Proctor says” I speak my own sins; I can not judge another. I have no tongue for it.” P. 141 Then they desire him to admit publicly and have his confession nailed to the church door. P143 Proctor states, “Because it is my name! Since I can not have another in my life! Due to the fact that I lie and sign myself to lies!

Due to the fact that I am unworthy the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave my name! 21. How is this recantation a climax for John Proctor? He does not want his kids to believe that he was a coward which he lied to save himself. He thinks that by hanging with these good individuals that is the only method to show that he is great. He will not tell a lie to injure others or save himself 22. How is this recantation also a climax for the court in Salem? Rebecca informs him, “Let you fear nothing! Another judgment waits all of us! P. 44 This mentions that a human court is not as crucial as the judgment that we will all face with God. Given that the 2 most prominent people will not admit then it calls into question the procedures of the court. 23. What function would Miller have in offering this play an awful ending? Despite the fact that the people that were being accused by McCarthy were not hanged, their lives were ruined and Miller wanted to explain how devastating this court is to individuals lives, and how the mob mentality can mess up a society. It also reveals that as soon as you are implicated it is really challenging to clear your name even if you are found innocent.

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