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The Crucible Theme of Pride


The Crucible Style of Pride

The Style of Pride in the Play The Crucible Pride can be defined positively and negatively, it can suggest a sense of one’s own correct self-respect or worth or dignity, or an excessively high viewpoint of oneself or conceit, respectively. In the play which represents both sides of pride we are carried to the late sixteen hundreds and introduced to the town of Salem in the province of Massachusetts Bay throughout the time of witch trials, and it’s exceedingly superstitious habitants.

Some of the fictitious however noteworthy habitants of the town are John Proctor, his wife Elizabeth Proctor and Reverend Hale, all of whom show various facets of pride, its benefits and its repercussions. At first in the play pride is depicted by Reverend Hale, who busily believed in witches and other demonic arts which their termination in the name of god was needed. He was also the minister in charge of discovering the marks of the devil for the witch trials because he had actually previously “discovered” a witch in his hometown.

An example of the pride he held on his present of recognizing the devils mark is when he said “Man, remember, until an hour prior to the Devil fell, God thought him stunning in Heaven. “(Act 2, Page 59) The result from his pride in what he thought in led him to be the force behind the witch trials and he later regretted it when he recognized how ethically incorrect they were, a quote that reveals his lament for taking part in such trials is when he quits them and says “I knock these proceedings. I quit this court! (Act 3, Page 96) This proves that his pride was unjustified to an extent since his belief in witches did not have significant proof and many suffered due to the fact that of his error. On the other hand we have Elizabeth Proctor, a person simply as religious as Hale however less dedicated. She also depicts the excellent and bad side of pride and this is not totally her fault due to the fact that the pride she at first revealed was that of a scorned female who had actually just suffered a type of cheating from her partner, this can be revealed when she tells her partner after his explanation of what happened with Abigail “I do not evaluate you.

The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you. I never ever thought you but an excellent man, John, only somewhat bewildered” (Act 2, Page 52) later on simply as she thought, Abigail was out to get her and her husband and her pride did not let her tell the court the reality that Abigail had seduced her partner that John had actually previously confessed to “I pertained to think he fancied her. And so one night I lost my wits, I believe, and put her out on the highroad.” (Act 3, Page 103) This then resulted in her other half being imprisoned and later hanged.

Her pride was justified since of the time duration she lived in, to suffer cheating was towered above and them living in such conservative community it would have resulted in the defamation of her and her husband and the reverends niece. However we have John Proctor, the main representant of pride who is the awful hero of the play. He is a good religious guy like his spouse however his fatal defect is his pride and starving after Abigail Williams that later leads the witch trials due to the fact that of Proctor’s rejection and after that legitimately triggers his eventual death sentence.

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His pride is revealed when he does not wish to cope with the repercussions of his affair with Abigail “Spare me! You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin’. Discover charity, lady. I have gone tiptoe in this home all 7 months because she is gone. I have actually stagnated from there to there without I think to please you, and still a long lasting funeral service marches round your heart. I can not speak however I am questioned, every moment judged for lies, as though I come into a court when I enter this home! (Act 2, Page 52) The outcomes and his change of heart concerning his sense of self-respect is revealed when he hesitantly confesses his cheating “A guy may think God sleeps, but God sees whatever, I know it now. I ask you, sir, I plead you– see her for what she is … She believes to dance with me on my other half’s grave! And well she might, for I thought about her softly. God assist me, I starved, and there is a guarantee in such sweat. However it is a slut’s vengeance. (Act 3, Page 100) His pride similar to his other half was warranted due to the fact that of the time duration he resided in, his actions were discredited and he felt bad about them so admitting them was an act to be proud of instead of not admitting it since of his own pride. In conclusion, John Proctor is the sternest of all three characters when it comes to pride and most certainly the one that had to pay the most due to the fact that of his fatal defect.

His last act which was accepting the death sentence instead of lying and getting to live was what turned his character around and the complete reverse of extreme pride. The decision in between life and death was his crucible, his place or event of serious test or trial and the choice of passing away is what redeemed his character, what separated him from living a dog’s life filled with faults versus dying as a martyr that wanted justice.

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