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The Great Gatsby – Daisy vs. Myrtle


The Great Gatsby– Sissy vs. Myrtle

In this exciting publication of the Great Gatsby, there exist 2 primary female leads, Daisy as well as Myrtle. Daisy, much comparable to Myrtle wed a male whom she does not enjoy; however, not all about these two are similar for they also have distinctions such as physical traits and social status which are gradually unveiled as the book advances. It is said, “Neither of them can stand the individual they’re married to.” Both Myrtle and Daisy are associated with an event with another man; Daisy takes a liking in the direction of Gatsby as Myrtle does with Tom.

In Sissy’s instance, Tom is unable to fulfill her romantic requirements and for that reason she weds him only for wealth and social standing, on the various other hand Myrtle is drawn in the direction of Tom as she wishes social standing, wealth, as well as power which George is not able to supply her. Both are taken part in a loveless marriage and also both are brought in to Tom for his riches as well as social status. Additionally, Sissy as well as Myrtle can be compared in the element of physical and characteristic. Daisy is one that frequently uses light white contrasts against Myrtle who gowns mainly in saturated colors with a mouth that is constantly the shade of a deep crimson red.

Furthermore, Daisy is regularly described as a thin number that floats on the sofa while Myrtle, a “thickish figure of a woman”, is faintly stout and consists of no element or shimmer of beauty. In contrast to Daisy that is stunning and also charming, Myrtle is simple as well as fleshy. Besides physical characteristics, these two antagonists can likewise be contrasted in regards to social standing. Myrtle, a middle classed personality living in a garage in the valley of ashes, is a flapper who is commonly frowned upon by others. Daisy on the other hand lives in a Georgian Colonial Estate located in the upper-class community, the east egg.

Well informed and also quite, Daisy, that has a lot downtime as well as money on her hands, has very little of a goal in life, contrasted to Myrtle, who makes every effort to be a part of the classy society. Myrtle’s despair to act as a member of the upper-class is revealed by the quote “It’s just an insane old thing. I just slip it on when I do not care what I appear like.” With all considered, Myrtle and Sissy are similar in regards to possessing the quality of infidelity, but still various in the nature within their individuality.

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