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The last chapter of the novel ‘The Crucible’


‘Here. Now. It’s all clear,’ whispered Abigail coarsely, choking back a cough.

Grace squeezed through the little gap in the fence to sign up with Abigail the other side. Together, grasping each other’s hands for convenience, they darted through the trees, into the forest that worked as a barrier in between the sea and Salem. They ran along a faint path of trampled yard, till they came to a clearing, the very same clearing where they and the others had danced six months earlier. They stopped at the edge, panting for breath, with the moonlight streaming in through the gap in the trees lighting up the way ahead.

They looked around in silence, till Mercy sniggered. ‘I was just rememb’rin’ the time we danced, and Parris,’ she stopped briefly, smiling in amusement, ‘and Parris, he saw me dancin’ naked!’

‘Aye, and dear Betty,’ stated Abby, ‘she were too young, we need to never ever have let her come.’

‘That were wierdish, though. She lay on her bed, frozen, whimp’ring for her Mother. Aye, that were wierdish.’

‘Mary indicated to tell-I know it. I remember her words even now, ‘Witchery’s a hangin’ mistake’, ‘it’s a sin to conjure’,’ Abby imitated, with a likeness that caused Mercy to shiver with remembrance as all of it returned to her head. ‘Did you hear what took place to Tituba? She left the courtroom with Sarah Good, shoutin’ to a cow ‘Take me house, Devil; Devil take me home.’ She informed them all that the Devil, ‘him be pleasure-man in Barbados!”

Grace chuckled, as Abby ran through the trees shouting charms in Tituba’s Barbados accent. ‘You plead me conjure, come, make beauty with me!’ Abby screamed, violently swaying over a fictional fire, as Tituba had actually done, calling out the names of the components as she plucked them from the air. She beckoned to Grace in a low whisper, ‘Come try Tituba’s beauty, come beverage to eliminate Goody Proctor.’

‘Abby, you’ll make me dream corruptions soon, and yourself,’ said Mercy, with a serious tone to her voice. ‘You make me believe I did see spirits, that I did see that yellow bird, on the beam, behind the rafter in the court room.’

‘Begin Mercy, you’re harder than that,’ teased Abby, ‘if I had not seen your face, I would have believed you were Mary Warren.’

Grace playfully punched Abby in the arm.

Abby lay there shivering as the cold night breeze gone through the forest, whistling through the trees. The events of the last six months ran through her head, it was only the spring when they had actually danced. The bluebells had gone now, however the memories hadn’t. The trial had actually taken its toll on Abby, her face was pale and the bags under her eyes grew every day. The days that went on forever in the courtroom, tirelessly questioned, till they got the response they wanted, truth or not. She still had the regret sensation in her, that Proctor’s death was not implied to take place, and that she might have stopped it. But she required this to the back of her mind, however it haunted her when her mind was still, each night, and slowly, it was wearing her down. She examined at Grace, whose large figure was stretched out on the grass next to her, her mouth large open, loudly breathing in the cold air. Mercy was a difficult woman, she had to be to operate at the Putnams’, yet had a conscience but Abby knew that it might quickly be encouraged by some convincing talking.

She gradually wandered into doze however was quickly woken up by the first light of dawn. She jumped up, understanding they needed to run out the region quickly, otherwise they would be captured, made to return and punished. Within minutes, Grace and Abby were running through the trees till they were visible fields at least three miles from Salem.

‘We’ll have to pick up some food at a farm, else we’ll never ever make it to Andover,’ Grace said.

‘When the sun increases over those hills,’ said Abby pointing to the East where the red, morning light was focused. ‘Then we’ll discover the closest farm, and get somethin’ till last us till tonight.’

They walked for an hour, hardly talking. Their shoes pounded on the dirt track roadway, with an urgency that urged them to stroll quicker. They reached a relying on a farm, and declined.

‘I’m goin’ to speak with the farmer,’ stated Abby, taking control. ‘Stay a few metres back, however still in view.’ Abby strided on approximately the door and beat her fist on it, before Grace could argue.

‘Great Sir, we have actually been travellin’ for over a week now, and our bodies are weak. We had to leave our small village as Mercy, this woman here, she was condemned of traffickin’ with spirits.’ Abby’s voice deliberately began to crackle, as if trying to hold in her tears but not really successfully. ‘She was so weak; I felt I could not leave her to flee by herself, if she didn’t, she would have had to deal with the rope, and I look after her, I do.’

‘Aye,’ the farmer stated, nodding. ‘Therefore you gave all up for this sinner here.’

‘Aye,’t is right excellent Sir. My name will be stained in these parts, however Mercy would never have made it to Boston by herself. I felt it my responsibility as a pal.’ A tear dropped from Abby’s eye, and she made no attempt to clean it away.

‘I make certain my spouse will have some spares for you,’ said the farmer, smiling kindly down at her. ‘However she will not like you sharing it with your good friend, she will never help the devil in any method. Goody Jones, do you have any left of yesterday’s pie?’

‘Aye, of course, I’ll bring it to you immediately,’ called a voice from within the little old structure. Within minutes, a little plump lady had actually appeared, with a kind smile, and inviting eyes, like her hubby’s. ‘Oh, the length of time have you been taking a trip, kid?’ she asked, looking at Abby, ‘you’ll need to get some of this down you soon. Here let me cover it up in a cloth.’ She vanished again, for a minute, ferreted around in some drawers, and appeared with a patterned fabric to finish up the pie. ‘Here you go. And safe journey.’

‘Safe journey,’ called the 2 of them, as Abby turned round and started to walk towards Mercy. She stopped at the sight of Grace’s face. It was tense with anger, and as red as the fresh berries on the bush close-by.

‘Abigail Williams, how attempt you? You lied, you lied, I never-‘ she broke off in anger. Her eyes could have shot like arrows. Her body was stiff and started to shake.

‘We needed to get food, I had to,’ Abby responded certainly.

‘You lied,’ repeated Mercy, spitting the words out as if they were toxic. ‘You had to leave too, Abigail Williams, we left as you could not walk through the village without hearing your stained name discussed, and individuals running from your face. It were not my fault we needed to leave, Abby,’t was yours also. Tell them that, Abby, inform them that you triggered the death of John Proctor, and mark it Abby, mark it, Elizabeth is sure to hang when her child is born.’ Mercy was practically screaming by now.

Abby kicked a stone in the road. ‘Look we had to get food,’ she described, knowing she shouldn’t have, but never prepared to admit. ‘I’m goin’ to Andover, and after that to Boston. I do not care about you, I saved you Grace from the judges, I saved you, and this is how you repay me? Well Mercy Lewis, you pass yourself and I’ll pass myself and we’ll see who arrives in the end.’

‘Fine, I can manage myself, I’m eighteen now, older than you, and you never assisted, just triggered problems.’t was your fault we danced, you asked Tituba to conjure, since of you, Abigail Williams, the whole country’s talkin’ witchcraft.’

At this, Abby turned her back on Grace and stepped down the dirt track, her eyes focused on the horizon ahead, not turning to look back, at Mercy’s aghast face. She smiled a tight, forced smile, however she mored than happy, Grace was shocked.

Mercy’s face was frozen in scary, the words had simply come out of her mouth, she understood, although she was older than Abby, she could not care for herself, and Abby could. It was Abby’s creativity that had actually lied them through, it was Abby’s decision that would get her to Boston, it was Abby who might look after herself, not Mercy.

She could never succumb to Abby, so she turned dejectedly pull back the long straight roadway and began to stroll the long method back to Salem. She dragged her feet on the ground, wanting she had not stated anything. She was lured to run after her, however it was too far, which was exactly what Abby desired.

Abby, meanwhile, was far in the distance. She sat down on a boulder by the side of the road to rest her aching feet. She closed her eyes and idea of Boston. She imagined the horizon view, the method it had actually constantly been described. A big town, hectic with individuals, nobody would know her name, or what she had done. She was about to start a brand-new life. She might smell all the marketplace fish, and could hear the buzz of sound from the occupants. The place was alive with colour, she had left Salem, and its old wooden structures, her mud covered clothing, faded in time. Her life appeared awash of brown and grey, and now as she planned ahead, she dreamt of the amazing brand-new start, about to begin.

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