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The Lost of All Hope of Happiness and a Life Beyond Repair in Frankenstein, a Novel by Mary Shelley


A Total Loss of Hope

Via Victor’s seeing himself in Henry Clerval, we see that he has actually shed all hope of happiness as well as believes his life to be irreparable. Both have met up in Europe in order to journey with each other prior to Victor is to marry Elizabeth. However, this is simply a facade so that he can really retrieve the necessary tools and parts to produce a second monster. Though Victor gets on a goal, both make time to stop at the relevant websites across Europe to acquire expertise and also experience the society. As they take a trip down the Rhine, Victor confesses “I grinned at the interest of my good friend and kept in mind with a sigh the period when my eyes would certainly have glistened with delight to behold the scenes which I now viewed. Yet the recollection of those days was too uncomfortable; I must lock out all thought to delight in harmony, and that representation alone suffices to toxin every enjoyment” (Shelley 180). Victor wishes that he still had the ability to be delighted, to appreciate nature as well as be joyous, like Henry can. He is full of excessive sorrow to even think about those days as well as there is nothing that can bring him satisfaction any longer. He “bore in mind with a sigh” that previous component of his life in which he can be delighted, yearning to experience that once more. Building on top of that, he claims “I saw an insurmountable barrier put in between me and my fellow-man; this obstacle was secured with the blood of William and Justine, and also to review those occasions loaded my soul with suffering. Yet in Clerval I saw the image of my former self; he pried and also distressed to acquire experience as well as direction” (Shelley 182).

Not only is Victor experiencing deep grief, now it is deemed overwhelming. He no longer really feels a link to any one of mankind, and feels hopeless to do anything regarding it. His hidden regret for the fatalities of William as well as Justine rendered him not able to discover happiness or go back to that he was prior to their fatalities. Victor has seemingly lost all hope and also looks back with regret, wanting he might find pleasure in life one more time. In Henry Clerval, Victor sees the good which had actually when populated himself. The curiosity and also the inquisitiveness to get brand-new experiences in Henry are what eventually led to Victor’s obsession and also loss of hope. In the beginning, his seeing himself in Henry Clerval solely represents his loss of hope for his life, and also his failure to locate joy anymore. Nonetheless, the 2nd time that Victor sees himself in Henry, it seems more certain, as if Victor’s life can never ever be altered and he will never ever discover joy. While Victor saw himself in Henry, his ultimate death was symbolic of his full loss of hope. Henry’s death sealed Victor’s suffering as well as confirmed the lack of ability for him to ever discover joy. Will Victor ever before have the ability to deal with himself and also discover hope or happiness? Or have the deaths of his closest loved ones made that difficult?

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