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“The Lottery ” By Shirley Jackson (book report)


“The Lotto” By Shirley Jackson (book report)

When I consider tradition, I think of something that I do a lot. A few of the customs that my household and I have are commemorating vacations and birthdays. The story “The Lottery game” by Shirley Jackson has to do with a custom that is breaking down, similar to the black box itself. The black box is utilized as a sign of death. People hesitate of the black box. When the lottery is not being held, the black box is deserted and not looked after. A number of the villagers seem like they wish to give up the lotto, and eliminate the black box.

When individuals of the village pertained to the center of the village, where the lotto takes place, they are all peaceful, and tense. Even the young boys begin in an uneasy group prior to going to play. As package is generated, everyone silences, and there is an awkward silence because they understand that the lottery will begin. “The villagers kept their distance, leaving a space between themselves and the stool.” Jackson, p. 54) Individuals were afraid of the box, and hesitated to assist when they were asked. The custom of the lottery is breaking down.

This is shown by the condition of package itself. The box is falling apart The paint is chipping off, the sides are splintered, and it is stained. When the villagers are asked to re-build package, they simply forget it. The very same box is used every year, though a few of the routines are not performed any longer. One ritual that is not carried out anymore is that the person in charge of the lotto is not supposed to speak with the people drawing from the box. The people of the town can’t decide if they want to get rid of the black box or to.

They do wish to eliminate it since they do not want to be the ones who get eliminated. Likewise, other towns have actually eliminated the lottery, and have influenced by other towns that have quit the lottery. But they do not want to get rid of it due to the fact that they believe that if they sacrifice an individual, they will have great crops for the year. The black box is a really important box. It signifies death and fear, and it’s so important that it’s secured the day prior to the lottery. “And it was then taken to the safe of Mr. Summertime’s coal company and secured, till Mr.

Summers was all set to take it to the square the next early morning.” (Jackson, p. 55) But once the lotto is over, the black box is just subjugated, and just tossed someplace until the night prior to the next lottery game. The remainder of the year, it was put in different locations. The box is not cared for well because individuals of the town want to get rid Of it. It had no genuine house, and was simply left there till they needed it next year. The black box represents an older custom that goes back to the beginning f when the town was first settled.

The villagers hesitate to disturb the custom, even as much as getting a brand-new box. The lottery is a human sacrifice so that the villagers will have good crops for the rest of the year. “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” (Jackson, p. 54) And so the lottery game still continues. Shirley Jackson composed this story since she wants to reveal that traditions don’t always make good sense and it deserves making changes. And that even if something is a custom, it does not indicate that it is constantly great.

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