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The Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to Find


The Misfit in A Good Guy is Hard to Discover

In “A Great Guy Is Hard to Find,” occasions are told from the granny’s viewpoint, making her the main character of the story. We see at the start of the story that she considers herself to be a lady. Initially by her description of her traveling clothing in contrast to what the mom used “slacks … still had her hair tied up in a green scarf.” Then by her state of mind that if there were to be a mishap, “anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at the same time that she was a woman. The question she asks of the Misfit, “You would not shoot a girl, would you plainly states this.

Even more into reading the story we see she has very “un-ladylike” qualities. Right from the beginning her being self-centered is shown by her attempting to get a pre-planned trip location altered. “She wished to visit a few of her connections “… and she was seizing at every chance to change Bailey’s mind. Even more on in the story it is shown again by her getting Bailey to change course to stop at a plantation house. The kids are utilized as a help in this by her craftily telling them “There was a secret-panel in this house, hich, not being true, shows that she has no issue being dishonest to get what she desires.

The grandmother likewise thinks about herself as morally exceptional to others. This is shown when she tells Bailey that she wouldn’t take her kids in the instructions that “a criminal like that was loose in. “I could not answer my conscience if I did. It seems she is explaining how ethically remarkable she remains in just this one statement. The grandmother’s desire to return to the past, when people were good, respectful and trustworthy are shown in her conversation with Red Sammy. These days you don’t understand who to trust he states as he takes a seat at a table next to the household.

He tells them of how “2 fellers had actually stolen gas the week prior to by charging and never coming back to pay. “Now why did I do that he asks. “Because you’re a great male! the granny immediately responds. Red Sammy’s purpose in the story is to show how no one can be trusted. His view of life associates with the story in the manner in which the family ran up with a couple of boys that must have helped them but rather cause their demise. The misfit characterizes himself as not being a great male, however he isn’t “the worst worldwide neither.

His belief that he has served time for something that he was wrongly implicated of has left him bitter and his anger at his unbelief has actually lead him into a life of violence. He is an unbeliever who has offered his life to becoming a killer to pass the time. “I discovered that criminal activity do not matter … kill a guy or take a tire off his vehicle, due to the fact that sooner or later you’re going to forget ¦. and simply be punished for it. He is not merely outrageous, he is totally familiar with his killings, after all he is the one who provides the orders to his sidekicks.

In his declaration to the grandmother, “. t’s nothing for you to do but take pleasure in the few minutes you got left the very best way you can by eliminating somebody ¦. or doing some other meanness to him. No satisfaction however meaness. The grandmother’s discussion with the Misfit is one of control in the start. “I just know you’re a good male. You’re not a bit common! “, she says to him in the hopes that this “flattery will possibly conserve her life.

In the end though the unhappiness, anger and hurt the Misfit reveals her leads her to feel sympathy and compassion as her “head cleared for an immediate. Why you are among my children. You’re one of my kids!” The Misfit does not wish to be held accountable for his actions. If Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, that would make Him real. If He is real then the Misfit will need to address for his actions. Murder is sin and he would be held liable for all that he had dedicated. The Misfit’s statement, “Jesus is the only One that ever raised the dead, and He shouldn’t have actually done it. He revealed whatever off balance, hows his dispute.

Due to the fact that he can’t be sure of it in fact occurring, he isn’t sure what to think of it which causes his inner conflict. Understanding that her time of death is near her “head clears for an instantaneous leading the granny to connect and touch the Misfit. This act of goodness leads him to bounce back, “as if a snake had bitten him. The Misfit’s comment, “She would have been a great female … if it had been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life,” shows that he sees that she is acting out of the goodness of her heart, but just after she is confronted with her own death.

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