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The Old Man and the Sea as an Allegory: Sharks


The Old Man as well as the Sea as an Allegory: Sharks

The Old Male and also the Sea as an allegory: Sharks The novel “The Old Man and also the Sea” was an allegory for Hemingway’s life, suggesting the book was symbolic to Ernest’s journey and battles. In this unique, the old guy was faced with a dramatic life or death circumstance when he was obtaining gone after by sharks while catching for the marlin. “The old man’s head was clear and also good now and he teemed with resolution but he had little hope. It was also great to last, he assumed. He took one look at the terrific fish as he viewed the shark close in” (101 ).

The “sharks” are planning to harm him as well as Santiago simply notices it. These sharks are symbolic to Ernest’s troubles and also satanic forces as an author, as they were much like “sharks” in the truth that they triggered him a great deal of problem and also worry. A few of these “sharks” were his parents as well as his poorly received publication “Across the River and also Into the Trees.” As an example, Hemingway’s moms and dads did not desire him to come to be an author. They desired him to visit college and also pursue a various path.

His parents were like the “sharks” because much like just how the sharks were trying to consume the old man, his parents were “eating” his plans and future. The movie critics of his were also “sharks.” Hemingway’s doubters were not precisely the nicest to him about his publication “Across the River as well as Into the Trees.” “However, O’Hara’s was just one of the few great evaluations, with adverse testimonials appearing in more than 150 publications. Critics asserted the book was too psychological, had substandard prose and also a “fixed plot”, and that Cantwell was an “character” for Hemingway’s personality Nick Adams. (Wikipedia) Hemingway’s books are symbolic to his life, and for it to be slammed as too emotional, boring, as well as like a bad memoir can be taken to heart. The critics were “sharks” since they had no mercy with Hemingway, they ate up prey (defeat his publication to the ground) and left nothing behind, which is cruel to his artistry and his pride. The above plainly shows that Hemingway needed to take care of “sharks” as a writer, which were his parents as well as his critics.

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