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The Scarlet Letter-Analysis of Hester

The title of Chapter 13 is “Another view of Hester”. This chapter is a conversation of Hester’s character, intellect and character in addition to an upgrade of a number of years she had been going through. “Another view” in the title describes both the changing perception of the Puritan society towards Hester and likewise the description of her which narrator told.

Hester’s position in the eyes of the Puritan community has actually considerably changed due to her generosity and charity. She has borne her embarassment and sadness with great self-respect.

The town describes her now as one “who is so kind to the poor, useful to the sick, so comfortable to the affected!” Hester has become very active in society. She brings food to the bad; she takes care of the sick. Now the scarlet letter has magical qualities, and myths are growing around its power, more individuals are starting to translate the “A” on her chest as meaning “Able” instead of “Adulterer. “. However this new meaning of Hester Prynne is not without a price.

Her opulent charm, and the heat, beauty, and enthusiasm that she as soon as showed have been replaced by cold, intensity, and drabness. There is no affection, love, or passion in her life. Her humankind has been removed from her by the intensity of her penalty, and her charity and altruism appear mechanical. “Some characteristic had departed from her, the permanence of which had been essential to keep her a lady. “( 160) It exposes that Hester had actually been affected with a conscience, and the letter “A” is whipping her heart all the time to advise the sin along with confining Hester’s in an unnoticeable prison.

However this prison never ever confined her thought; in fact it ended up being a single space for Hester. Burning by the “red-hot brand name” of the letter, Hester has actually ended up being “a bare and extreme summary” of her former self. She has actually ended up being more speculative, thinking about how something is “wrong” in Pearl. Her life, having “changed from passion and sensation to idea … she assumed a flexibility of speculation … which, had they known it, would have held to be a deadlier criminal offense than that stigmatized by the scarlet letter. (161 )

The storyteller hypothesizes that, had it not been for her responsibilities to little Pearl, Hester “may have boiled down to us in history, hand in hand with Anne Hutchinson, as the foundress of a religious sect”( 161) and quite most likely would have been carried out for “attempting to weaken the structures of the Puritan facility. “( 161) To some degree, these modifications on Hester were all due to the scarlet letter which has efficiently humbled her as prepared. In truth “The scarlet letter had not done its workplace. “( 163 )The scarlet letter has not led her to consider her sin and possible salvation.

Rather, it has actually led her to unholy speculations, ideas of suicide and ruminations about the unjust of ladies. In truth, Hester’s feminist thinking has led her to realize that she needn’t to accept or focus on the town’s viewpoint of her at all– Some believe that her punishment is sufficient which she must no longer wear the scarlet letter. However she declined to run away Boston when Pearl was a baby due to the fact that at the time she did not believe that her fellow males and females should have the power to judge her. Now, Hester refuses to get rid of the scarlet letter– she understands that its elimination would be as useless as its original positioning.

It’s her redemption, identity and, she believes, her soul’s redemption are matters that are between her and God. To put chapter 13 here seems unreasonable, however it’s a crucial turning point of the story. From here on, Hawthorne revealed a lot of Hester’s insight, and informed the reason that affects her actions in the future. It makes good sense that why Hester talks to Dimmesdale in the forest and choose to run away with him. It refers that Hester Prynne changes from an outrageous terrified female, to one that is able and not afraid of what the future needs to hold.

For 7 years, Hester is shrouded in the shadow of the scarlet letter and is weighed down with the concern of regret and embarrassment over her sin and over the general public nature of her penalty. If Hawthorne delete this chapter or move it into someplace else, it will be tough for readers to comprehend and anticipate the following plots. This chapter appears extremely single, lonely in this book, however it has an impact of linking episodes, and too reveals that the scarlet letter the possibility, though faint, is still there.

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