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The Theme of Conformation to Moral Standards and Thinking Before Acting in A Good Man is Hard to Find, a Short Story by Flannery O’Connor


In the story “A Great Man is Tough to Discover”, the author provides a story of a conflict between grandmother and a lawbreaker who engage in evil activities. In this story the grandmother is represented as a great individual who is morally upright whose behaviors were affected by the background where she was raised (O’Connor, 2015). In the theme of good guy, the definition of being great was represented as being gullible, and a bad decision maker (O’Connor, 2015). In the story, the Misfit is likewise regarded as good based capability to conform to ethical standards that are generally accepted in the society. Therefore, the style of “An Excellent Male is Tough to Discover” is the capability of an individual to conform to ethical requirements and factor before acting on anything, because choices has its repercussions (O’Connor, 2015).

The story “The Hanging stranger” talks about the lead character Ed Loycen who came across a dreadful incident which generated different reactions from colleagues (Cock, 2014). While operating at a repair work store, Ed saw a dead body and instantly informed his coworkers. The style of the story is portrayed in kind of symbols and worry of a dead person, and likewise the treatments involved when handling crucial situations. The major themes portrayed is suspicion and fear of mystical-religious aspects who would deliver punishments through hanging if one does what is thought about incorrect in the society. For that reason, individuals had to weigh in between doing great and evil due to the fact that of its possible consequences. The hanging stranger is portrayed as a strong message to the wrong doers of potential consequences of their actions (Penis, 2014).

“All Summertime in a Day” is imaginary story about kids from the planet Venus who are raised by “rocket guys” parents (Bradbury, 1992). In Venus, the children had never seen the summer season as the sun was because ounce every seven years. The protagonist in the story is Margot from the planet earth who is abhored due to the fact that she does not belong to Venus (Bradbury, 1992). The major style portrayed in the story is jealously. Margot being from another planet was disliked by other kids because his views about the sun were not accommodated by those in Venus. Her failure to behave and follow the guidelines of the Venus society resulted in violence treatment she received from other children.

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