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“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien


The Things They Brought by Tim O’Brien seems a war story about items a squadron of soldiers brought while in Vietnam. The story really centers around the death of one of the squad members and the horrible conditions of Vietnam. However the author enters into a much deeper, concealed significance of the things.He discreetly reveals the ideas that the soldiers brought with them more than simply hear, they brought the items from back home, psychological luggage, and the death of their fellow associates. And the pain and horror they need to endure is only manageable with these items and the symbolism of hope they have with them. Because with each product they carry the hope of returning house and the hope of making it back home the same person.In the unforgivable wilderness of Vietnam, the young soldiers are required to carry heavy artillery and products.

Still these frightened males go up the additional weight to take letters, photos, and other things that remind them of the people back at home. These things can be weighed in 40 pounds and ounces and put a strong physical strain of the soldiers. However, the emotional concerns Tim O’Brien describes in “The Things They Brought” are the most difficult weights they have to bear. O’Brien lists the required supplies brought by all of the soldiers and offers examples of the individual things each soldier selects “to hump”, which suggests “to march” or “to walk” (137 ).

O’Brien gives great detail of the internal, emotional struggles that weigh so greatly on the Lieutenant. Cross physically carries letters, pictures and a “simple pebble, an ounce at the majority of” all provided to him by a junior at Mount Sebastian College, called Martha (The Things They Carried 12). All things thought about, thinking about the endless risk they look in Vietnam, the psychological weight each guy frets about is a considerably heavier concern. “Sorrow, terror, love, longing- these were intangibles, however the intangibles had their own mass and specific gravity, they had tangible weight” (The important things They Brought 9). Long after the heavy weapons fire and gunshots breaking through the air, some of the pressure of the war is lifted from their shoulders, but the psychological scars will remainO’Brien doesn’t offer as much detail into the emotional luggage brought by Cross” men, but each of the soldiers brought with them something from home. Kiowa brings a copy of the Old Testimony, which was given to him by his dad (The important things They Brought O’Brien 22). He is also carries the incredible weight of “his grandma’s mistrust for the white male” and a hunting hatchet (The important things They CarriedO’Brien 22). These psychological and physical products indicate that Kiowa, who is Native American, has a hard time to put the vital trust into his allies, as an outcome of his upbringing.Dave Jensen, who carries extra socks, high carotene vitamins, foot powder, and ear plugs, appears to have a staggering worry of disease.

Mitchell Sanders brings condoms, which does not make sense or offer any insight nevertheless, be that as it might, he is in addition the soilder who cuts the thumb off of a young Vietcong and gives it to another soldier, Norman Bowker (Speaking Of Nerve O’Brien 142). The demonstration of eliminating a boy’s thumb and after that kicking him in the head reveals that Sanders is coping some mental illness, and a lack of respect for life.These issues may be an immediate aftereffect of the war, or might have been present prior to in his life.The impacts of these physiological fights is described by Cross” failure to control his fantasies about Martha. He gets himself unfit to concentrate on the threats around him, even as Lee Strunk is looking through the passages in Than Khe, confronting unknown dangers. lieutenant Cross loses himself in a vision. Through a war there will be a lot of bloodshed, the opponents and even yours. With all the gunfire and shots being fired, individuals dropping you have no time for grievance. But after a while when you one by one your friends pass away, the concern of coping with that, the doubt of if you might of saved him or not. All of that starts to accumulate and gradually unravel you.

In The Important Things They Carried many people had to watch as their buddies passed away Curt Lemon being the very first. Attempting to make some sense of the war or easing the tension Kurt started playing toss with a smoke grenade with Rat Kiley. Then he stepped on a landmine and blew up. And after seeing a lot death you become numb and feel no misery, you gradually start to lose it. Jensen and O’Brien were purchased to climb up the tree to retrieve Lemon’s body, and Jensen sang “Lemon Tree” as they tossed down the body parts.(182 “How to Inform a True War Story”) The fact that a friend dying out of nowhere doesn’t cause tears, does not cause concern shows how war breaks you. When somebody you understand passing away isn’t a big offer due to the fact that people die daily, you begin to cope with it in different ways. In this case jenson began singing as he got his good friend’s body parts.And after that Ted Lavender was the 2nd body to strike the flooring. Ted lavender simply went out to take a piss and then a fracture ripped through the air, his friends seeing him drop, depending on a swimming pool of blood. This causes Jimmy cross to start blaming himself for his death. “He had actually liked Martha more than his guys, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry like a stone in his stomach for the remainder of the war”. (The Important Things They Carried.16)

This haunts Jimmy Cross through the book. All of these characters are haunted by guilt, searching for someone or something to blame. They are shattered into pieces spread across the battlefield. Cracking jokes about the death of pals, trying to cope, or find meaning in the death of the war. When you hear of war stories you never become aware of the death, or the distressing toll it has on your mind and your body. The regret, psychological baggage and simple viewing as your pals drop one by one can break a guy. All of this things piled on causes you to lose yourself, act like somebody your not. You cling on to anything so that you don’t lose it, or drop into the black. Just how each soldier brought something with them, brought it wherever they went. They carried the objects from house, but they also brought the weight of the war on their soldiers.

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