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The Things They Carried- Ignorance


The Things They Carried- Lack of knowledge

Among the most crucial and damaging themes not just in books, however in life is that of lack of knowledge. In war it can indicate life or death, and in daily life if you disregard the issue or person enough time it can damage your life or the life of somebody extremely near you or that you are trying to protect. This is an idea that both Tim O’Brian and Carl Deuker check out in their books, The important things They Carried and Fitness center Candy, respectively.

The truth that relationships, individuals’s sensations, and even human life itself may be at risk, makes it that a lot more essential that this ignorance be found and handled appropriately so we might avoid people from being hurt One place that lack of knowledge can be found is in the older generations, and in their expectations for their kids. For instance in Health club Candy Mick’s father had always expected him not only to play football but also to be the best at it.

Similarly, in The Things They Brought the dads and grandfathers of the soldiers, most of whom had currently battled in a war, anticipated that they enlist and serve honorably which actually implied earning metals. Though, what they didn’t realize, or oftentimes couldn’t keep in mind, was the loss that typically came along with the metal, and sadly it was usually someone really close to the soldier too. The reality that these things were expected and not an individual choice made it even that much harder to serve.

Also, a number of the soldiers felt that these horrors of war that they had actually experienced, had been forced upon them by those very same older generations. So despite the fact that those generations had been through hell, and all those other awful scaries before, but a lot of them were much older at the time they experienced it too. Throughout World War I the typical age in the armed force was twenty-nine, then in The Second World War it dropped to twenty 6, but throughout the Vietnam War the typical age of all soldiers serving dropped between twenty-two and twenty-three years of ages (History and CACF(basis for the Vietnam Wall)).

The fact that all of those soldiers had to deal with the horrors they saw at that age was incredibly tough to deal with especially because many of them were under the typical age, and there were some soldiers they found were even sixteen years old. Another form of ignorance originated from Mick, or in The Things They Brought, the soldiers themselves. The factor for this is that they, themselves, understood what they were doing whether it is steroid injections to be more powerful, or “dope” to soothe your nerves, it can change who you are and how you are viewed.

For instance when Peter is trying to offer Mick Dianabol, Mick understands what the threats are, he asks all the concerns he requires too, but he doesn’t check on his own. Due to Mick’s ignorance he starts on light steroids and then the heavy duty numerous injection steroids. Yet, unlike a heroin user Mick can stop at any time, but even so, he is so hooked on the outcomes. For that reason out of his ignorance he is now hooked on something that if he does get off, it puts his future and current life in jeopardy.

Now somebody else, who is a culprit of individual ignorance too, is Ted Lavender in The Important Things They Brought. He is a culprit, since instead of finding out how to handle his problems like the other soldiers, he took the easy way out and he simply smoked dope to leave the war, and into a tranquil, hazy environment. This retreat is something that the majority of the guys envied and for a short while after his death taken pleasure in. But the carelessness on his part came from remaining high up on a constant basis. Due to this, he was shot in the head since he wandered off on his own.

Now, due to both Mick’s and the Ted’s lack of knowledge, one wound up dead (O’Brien 12), and the other attempted attempting suicide (Deuker 301). As currently seen, ignorance is y a concept or “style” however, it also is something that most of us can relate to in our everyday lives. For instance have you ever seemed like you have actually been blown off but the other person might not even be fazed or even notice for that matter. Well even if the answer is no, ignorance is something we not only feel routinely but just said earlier is a way that the majority of people wind up ignoring someone or something.

Then as earlier explored in the novels it can gnaw at our relationships, and when enough of those bridges have been burned, it can gnaw at the general picture of your life. In summation, we as people must realize that lack of knowledge is not something that leaps out, waves, and gladly welcomes us to ruin or lives. No. It is something that lurks deep in corners prior to finally it slips out to destroy you. Although by this meaning of “destroyed,” it is not something that can be repaired easily. It is something that you should work at, similar to an economy crashing and ultimately resurging.

Yet, this is not a best contrast since economies don’t resurge due to the fact that of private effort, with the exception of the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt, it instead will always comeback as in a natural cycle. But when you screw up your life due to ignorance instead you must repair it yourself. So as numerous authors have tried to display in books, ignorance is something that can not simply be left alone, it is something that needs to be a consistent focus, or you may be its next victim.

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