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The Things They Carried Literary Analysis


The Important Things They Brought Literary Analysis

All warfare is based upon deception. The corrupt talk while our siblings and children spill there own blood. The bigger the lie the more who live it. When a nation sobs for vengeance the more the lie spreads, like a wild fire. History is written by the victor our enemies live they dictate the course of history. But all it takes is the will of one single man. How can we truly know what the reality is? In Tim O’Brien “the important things they carried’ what really specifies a war story being true? Its never moral, the uncertainty, or is it the horror and honor? The important things that happen in war are never ethical.

War has a dirty bloody, gorier, and violent side to it. Well that’s what war is? “War is nuts war is fun, war is thrilling, and war is drudgery war makes you a male: war makes you dead”-Tim O’Brien pg 80. Tim Obion tells how there’s all these odd but amazing parts of war that you actually can’t comprehend. Who and what are you defending. The federal government flies you in some hell hole without any genuine reason for you to be there. They offer you a weapon and tell you who the enemy is which’s what you need to accept. But are you really there to assist them or conserve them? Fairy tales constantly have a delighted ending to them.

However some stories don’t end with pleased and permanently after. Some end with a cold dark about end an end of a life. The life of a soldier told what was right from wrong. Thinking they craved a true and good cause. But could all of it be a lie drowned in a river of blood? “Fiction is the lie that helps us comprehend the fact.” Tim Obrien pg 82 A war stories can be fun and adventures the squads of solders going through the jungles with Stealth, speed and, accuracy working like a lastly tuned maker as one. The story gets quick and progresses with increasingly more thriller.

The thriller of the night the threats that lurk within. And the suspense of the fights weapon firer and countless pounds of dynamites however its not all fun and games with out some one getting hurt. That’s the gross nasty side too it the blood … Lots of blood. The death the life of some on close too you Tim Obrien losses some of his team mates and you can inform he was severely affected. “But the important things about remembering is that you do not forget.” -Tim Obrien, Tim can always remembered the male he eliminated he constantly retells his distressing event brilliant dark bloody information.

Tim shows a connection to the guy he eliminated. A minute he will permanently bring with him … A war story is about re informing the past the brave occasions the past the bravery the solders dealt with during there battles and terrible experiences that show possibly there was a reason we existed. Maybe we really did help them. Even through all the losses you understand that you fellow solders did not pass away in vein the body you share with each in your team. Tim O’Brien shows this the way he felt when kert lemon died. Every one Tim saw died he provided regard on could clearly explain what truly happened “Let the story tell itself. Stories tell them selves you don’t listen to a story you relive the past. “By telling stories, you objectify your own experiences. You separate it from yourself. You pin down particular realities. You make up others.” in a story and in war there’s all methods some loose ends that need to be looked after. A few of those take one man and an excellent lie. Its funny when your dead that’s when individuals start listening ha. What makes a war story real is it the harsh unethical facts the blood and gore or is it the honor and valor it portrays?

A war story is the how history was sculpted a view into the past how some action can stop a lie from ending up being the truth history is written by the victor. The one with the enthusiasm and desire to honor the sacrifices made to secure the real reality. The more things alter the more they remain the very same borders modification and new players step in. But power constantly discovers locations to rest its head. The other days opponents are today’s employees we fight along side them and hope they don’t dislike us. Wars reoccur however a story stays and last permanently.

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