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The Weaknesses of Holden Caulfield – The Catcher in the Rye


The Weaknesses of Holden Caulfield– The Catcher in the Rye

In “The Catcher and the Rye,” by J. D. Salinger, protagonist, Holden Caulfield, starts the story in much as how it ends. Holden, being a counterfeit individual, never ever takes into consideration other individuals’s ideas and also as a result of his stubbornness, never ever learns his lesson. Throughout the novel, Holden informs lies like it’s his job. At the start of phase 3 Holden also specifies, “I’m the most excellent liar you ever before saw in your life” (Salinger p. 16). He understands that it is terrible yet he being troubled thinks that he requires to lie to excite the globe and also to make him feel like he is excellent.

For example, when Holden goes to check out Mr. Spencer, his history educator that failed him, he declines to pay attention to the recommendations Mr. Spencer has to provide to him. He believing whatever he does is right, does not want to be talked as well as informs Mr. Spencer that “I have to go right to the gym” to leave listening to just how stubborn as well as counterfeit he is (Salinger p. 15). Holden recognizes that Mr. Spencer is trying to assist him however doesn’t care to take his recommendations right into consideration due to the fact that he believes it’s bogus when grownups talk you.

An instance of Holden being a charlatan comes when he is on the train with Mrs. Morrow. He believes that if “You take someone’s mother, all they want to read about is what a hot-shot their son is” (Salinger p. 56). Holden held to quick to this idea; tries to tease with Mrs. Morrow telling her how every person loves her son also know Holden dislikes him since she is an attractive woman. He likewise tells her that his name is another person’s and that he is mosting likely to residence to have surgical procedure. Holden tells all of these lies to raise the possibility of having a sexual encounter with Mrs.

Morrow because sex is all he wishes. Holden’s instability regarding himself is why he criticizes others. He assumes that if he downgrades other people then he can feel much better regarding himself. Right prior to Holden leaves for New york city he shouts “Rest tight, ya morons!” to his roomies (Salinger p. 52). Holden believes that he is right for leaving Pencey after falling short 4 out of his 5 classes and that every person there are hot-shots as well as phony. After that, as soon as he reaches New York he understands that everyone there to are phonies.

Holden, while in public insurance claims, that “I was bordered by jerks” (Salinger p. 85). This instance reveals you that any place Holden is, he spies out anything fake regarding virtually every person due to his insecurities. Holden’s sickness makes him extremely lonely. In phase 1, he informs us “I left Pencey Preparation” (Salinger p. 2). Holden leaving Pencey Preparation makes him feel even lonelier and also because of this he never ever learns his lesson. He having no person to deal with him makes him sicker than he was from the beginning.

Ultimately when he returns home we see that “one psychoanalyst man they have below, keeps asking me if I’m going to apply myself when I return to institution next September” (Salinger p. 213). Holden finishing right back where he started, in a mental institution, informs us that he is the real phony. His stubbornness and also unfaltering suggestions obtain him even sicker. His instabilities as well as low self self-confidence makes him not be able to use himself to the real life. Holden seeing that he is the phony ultimately currently sees that possibly he needs to try and also apply himself as well as might currently think about other individuals sights.

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