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Things Fall Apart: Inevitable Changes


Things Break Down: Inevitable Modifications

In the novel by Chinua Achebe, Things Break Down, there is an argument in between whether Okonkwo’s demise was an outcome of his breaking the will of the gods, or that the new modifications were unavoidable. The 2nd group argues that Okonkwo’s acts do not ruin the tribe, however it is the tribe’s absence of adaptability that brings it to an end. Firstly, the title, Things Break down, appears like a statement, an universal truth. This can just further emphasize the concept that the changing of the Ibo people was unavoidable, and that it was not due to Okonkwo’s actions or the arrival of the missionaries.

The Ibo had followed particular customs for centuries, following their own religious beliefs and believing in many gods. Therefore, when the emersion of Christianity coincided with the downfall of their system, the villagers began to blame the missionaries. Secondly, the character of Obierika foreshadows this unavoidable collapse of their customs. Obierika forecasts the start of brand-new traditions in the Ibo way of life. His rethinking of the Ibo techniques unconsciously visualizes the idea of change.

When Obierika questions the village’s way of penalty, he anticipates that there are problems in their system that will eventually need to be modified. Lastly, Okonkwo’s character appears to embody the unavoidable wear and tear of Umuofia’s system. He adheres so strictly to the guidelines that he plainly points out the defects in the town’s system. His suicide in the end signifies the noose which strangled the Ibo’s religious beliefs and viewpoints.

Okonkwo had actually been so attached to the traditions of his village and unwilling to face change that, comparable to the fate of the tribe, he fell apart. Achebe’s book is mainly centered on Okonkwo and his development throughout the story, yet his downfall is merely a branch of the tribe’s damage and the loss of its perfects. The book is in reality about the future bringing inescapable changes and how people adjust. The Ibo tribe is an example of a group unwilling to adjust and collapsing since of that reluctance.

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