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To Kill a Mockingbird: Book vs Movie


To Eliminate a Mockingbird: Schedule vs Movie

Books and movies of books all have lots of resemblances and distinctions. To Kill a Mockingbird is no different when it pertains to the book and the motion picture. In this essay I will be describing the resemblances and differences between the 2. There are many resemblances between the book and the film of To Kill a Mockingbird. Firstly, Tom Robinson died getting away from jail in the film and the book. I believe Tom’s death was an extremely fundamental part of the story. Another thing that was the same with the book and movie was how the kids were amazed with Arthur Radley (Boo), and how Boo was captivated with the kids.

Boo would leave the children gifts such as dolls, a watch, and gum in the tree in his backyard. This fascination between the children and Boo was why the children had such a creativity. The children thought Boo was a climber who came out at night to consume felines and squirrels. Another resemblance is that the African American neighborhood of Maycomb showed Atticus a lot of respect. The reality that they revealed Atticus regard was essential to the kids. The sad story of Tom Robinson taught the children the wrongs of bigotry.

Plus one of the styles of the story is bigotry, and without that the story would not be the very same. A big distinction in between the book and the film was that Auntie Alexandra was not in the film. Scout did not like Aunt Alexandra since Aunt wanted Scout to act more lady-like. Toward the end Auntie became more of a mom to Hunt and assured her that Jem was not dead. Although the motion picture went on without her, she ought to have remained in it. The reality that Mrs. Dubose was not in the motion picture but in the book was another difference. Mrs. Dubose was necessary to Jem’s life.

Jem did not like her due to the fact that she constantly harassed Scout and Jem and insulted their daddy. When Jem lost his temper, he destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s flower garden. His punishment was to read to Mrs. Dubose to help her break her addiction. Eventually she died and Atticus offered Jem a lesson in what it implies to have courage. This whole thing was eliminated of the movie. Atticus’s quote on courage was one of the most essential things in the book. Through reading the book and watching the film I have actually found many distinctions and numerous resemblances. I informed you a few of each so that you might have your own viewpoint.

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My viewpoint is that the book was much better, but I discovered myself lost in certain times. For example, it took me a very long time to figure out that Tom Robinson was an African American. But that was probably due to the fact that I was daydreaming while reading. So if you resemble me then you would be better off enjoying the film since then you would understand things quicker and they would make sense to you. When it comes to me, being a daydreamer and all, I still prefer the book because that’s where you get the whole story and not just the majority of the story.

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