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To Kill a Mockingbird: The Scottsboro Boys Trail


1. The Scottsboro Trials have to do with when 9 black young men were arrested for assault and later on raping 2 white females on a train originating from Paint Rock, Alabama. Later the court found all nine guilty and they were sentenced to death.

A few years later the general public found out that the white ladies were lying but only one of the guys were retried which one man was sentenced to life in prison for not doing anything. It impacted America by showing how the court system was segregation in the 1930’s.

2. My sensations about the Scottsboro trials are all negative. I believe this is unjust and unreasonable punishment for the nine black guys. They didn’t do anything incorrect and the court took the word of two white women which isn’t right. This entire trial was based on lies and racism. 3. The authorities in the Scottsboro trial were absolutely wrong. They based their allegations on segregation. If it was white guys raping white women they would’ve been let go after discovering that the females were lying. 4. The authorities clearly based the accusations on bigotry.

Like I stated if It were white males raping those females they would’ve let them go. 5. The choice to sentence all the males effected how America saw black individuals. It made the experience of partition a larger circumstance than it already was. 6. At the end of the trial all were tried and sentenced to either death or life in jail. Later on one was launched by 1989 the last of the Scottsboro kids died. 7. Starting in the 1880’s the Jim Crow laws were enforced. They were what offered partition its name. It avoided the races from doing anything together. The Jim Crow Laws were enacted since of racial dispute. All the Southern states wanted to restrict the liberty of recently released servants. 9. The Jim Crow Laws had a self-centered purpose. They were developed to enforce segregation in schools, transportation, hotels and a lot more locations in the south. 10. The Jim Crow Laws are so unbelievably unconstitutional. They restrict colored individuals rights and provide the whites everything. 11. The cause of The Great Depression was primarily caused by Black Tuesday likewise known as the day the stock exchange crashed.

Other reasons consister od the banks failing, individuals couldn’t buy across the border, the American financial policy with Europe, and the huge dry spell which triggered the dust bowl and made farmers stop working. 12. Well the recently elected President Roosevelt did sort of pacts. Assist provide people jobs and improve the economy. That is what the federal government did to assist the Great Anxiety recover. 13. Well the Great Anxiety made it twice as tough for southern blacks. Because they had simply got out of slavery they were poor as it is.

The majority of them still looking for tasks when the stock market crashed most white owned companies wouldn’t employ blacks and most of the rest of the organisations weren’t employing making it impossible to get a job and earn money for there households. 14. Sharecropping was kind of a rip-off in my viewpoint. The freshly freed servants would take care of part of a white persons land for a share of the earnings. 15. Separate however equivalent had to do with keeping the colors apart in two different “communities” however providing equal treatment.

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