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To kill a Mockingbird. Themes (ignorance)


To kill a Mockingbird. Themes (ignorance)

TKAM The dictionary defines ignorance as the lack of education or knowledge. Throughout TKAM Harper Lee writes about lack of knowledge and it’s affects on society. We learn more about the sweet childish ignorance of Scout and Jem compared to the mean cold of Mr. Ewell. Ignorance shows itself in many different methods such as racism, sexism, and class- ism. Jem and Scout are protected from the world and all it’s evilness. Their ignorance is used as a shield to safeguard them from knowing the terrible realities of Maycomb.

Although Scout and Jem aren’t as oblivious as a lot of the more informed grownups are, there ignorance sticks out as different due to the fact that theirs does not make them racist or sexist. When they lose their innocence they are losing their guard of lack of knowledge. Their ignorance reoccurs throughout the book until the very end, “After that, it didn’t matter weather they went or not. Jem stated he would take me. Thus began our longest journey together” (p. 254). I think this has to do with their Journey into adult hood. When they are assaulted by Mr.

Ewell (the most racist guy in the area), it is like racism came crashing down on them when he assaulted them. they lose their lack of knowledge on that long journey away from their childhood. Scout and Jem’s Naivete is much different then the ignorance of the town. Their Naivety is stopping them from becoming one of the cruel townspeople. It’s intriguing because the kids’s ignorance exists to shield them from the lack of knowledge of the Maycomb individuals. After Scout loses her ignorance she gets compassion for many individuals. It is revealed with Boo Radley, when she walks him to his house.

When she was more youthful she was terrified of him, she would not even go near his house without running. But she puts herself in his location and comprehends that he is terrified by grownups and takes him to his location. Boo Radley represents her innocence. “He gently launched my hand, went within, and shut the door behind him. I never ever saw him once again” (p. 278). She put her innocence away and never ever saw it again. A different type of ignorance which is shone in the missionary scene is the ignorant lack of knowledge of the Maycomb girls. While they believe they are elping “the bad Mrunas” They are really just being racist and narrow minded. They believe that just because the Mrunas have a different way of life then they do they require to “save” them. “They had so little sense of household that the entire tribe was one big household. J. Grimes Everett was doing his utmost to change this state of affairs and desperately needed our prayers” (250-251). They do not comprehend that just because the Mrunas are various then them they are still people who have sensations. They think that because they are white and upper-class that how they live and any other method of life is incorrect.

This ignorance is why there is racism. People don’t understand how other cultures live. If someone is not like them it is bad so the individual must be an even worse for being various. Mr. Ewell is the most racist, suggest, and sexist male in the entire book. He also understands that he can get away with nearly anything. He can hunt out of season, he can “bend the law”, and he can get the county to eliminate an innocent black male. Although the Ewells are dirtier and not appreciated at all they can still win anything over a black male and Bob Ewell knows that.

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Although he himself is oblivious he knows how to use the ignorance of the people and the court. He understands that if wishes to he can eliminate what he did to his child by blaming it on Tom. He can get away with it because of tom’s skin color. He needs somebody to look down upon and the only people he can tower above are the blacks. You would believe that having to live around blacks his whole life he would understand their culture. However no because of he requires to have a little regard in the town he dislikes them. If he were poor and socialized with blacks no one would appreciate him at all similar to Mr.

Raymond. Although the results of ignorance all appear quite various: making people Christian, being at the bottom of the social ladder, needing to wear gowns and not battle, in the end it all amounts to not understanding enough about other cultures and the other individuals in your own. In TKAM there are 3 primary outcomes from the town’s lack of knowledge, bigotry, sexism, and class-ism. If they looked under the phony sweet layer of the town they would discover how their society really is, it’s not the ideal southern town however the lack of knowledge that helped make the stereotypes that individuals have dealt with since.

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