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Tone Interpretation for a Rose for Emily


Teegan Brock Brad Nelson Luke Ziegler Trevor Magerowski Paul Reid English Compensation 2 March 18, 2013 Insane Asylum for Emily The short story,” A Rose for Emily” composed by William Faulkner has an unique tone that assists portray the overall style of how a female unloved by her dad falls under the dark treacherous depths of insanity. In the start of the story Emily lived with her daddy. Her father drove away all of the males in her life so she never ever discovered love.

Also her father was really overbearing and basically the only person that she ever grew to know personally.

Her daddy cut her prolonged family off from her so she never ever was really social. Once her dad died she was alone. She had nobody except her servants and she was extremely lonely which probably drove her into partial madness. She was really utilized to self-pity since her daddy was a huge man in the community so as soon as he passed away she never ever needed to pay taxes so she was generally exempt from society. After her dad died she began to see more of individuals such as her cousins that her father repelled when she was alive. She discovered love in a person named homer that went south after she found out about his homosexuality.

Faulkner does an excellent task of utilizing a dark tone and making Emily almost seem unsociable and unlovable to a point where no one wants to be in her life. Homer basically was the straw that broke the camel’s back and drove her deep into madness. After Emily learns about her sexuality she goes to the shop to buy toxin. The tone in the story makes it near impossible to anticipate what she was going to make with the poison. The shop keeper asked her what she required it for and she refused to tell him and bought it anyway. She then bought a silver toilet set with her initials inscribed on it and a complete outfit including a night shirt.

This reveals her madness because she is purchasing him things when he clearly does not like her. This in turn may be the factor for her buying the arsenic due to the fact that he left when the cousins came and she clearly was disturbed about it. Late in the story Emily’s house started to smell horrid and it was disturbing the neighborhood. Since, of her social status and her credibility for being the insane, bad-tempered old woman the town refused to act and disturb her. Thirty years passed the smell continued so the town just sprayed lime to conceal the odor. After she died they went upstairs to her room and discovered homers dead body.

This story and the general tone clearly pleads the case of Emily’s insanity since they found her hair on the indented pillow lying next to homers body. This showed that she oversleeped the bed with him. She hid that body for thirty years and coped with the odor. The authors tone made it simple to illustrate the style that Emily was drove into insanity by her father and never being able to find love and be social with other individuals. To quote the great W. C. Fields “No doubt exists that all ladies are insane; it’s just a question of degree.” And in Emily’s case it’s the greatest degree.

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