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Twelfth Night Theme Essay – Love as the Cause of Suffering


Twelfth Night Theme Essay– Love as the Reason For Suffering

Love as the Reason For Suffering In William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, like as the cause of suffering is among the most popular style of the story. Although this play ends in love and wedded happiness, Shakespeare also shows us that love can likewise cause discomfort. The characters typically see love as a curse, something that is thrust upon you and you can not easily or prepared escape. Examples consist of Malvolio’s love for Olivia, the love triangle between Olivia, Duke Orsino, and Viola as Cesario, and Antonio’s crush on Sebastian. There are countless celebrations where unrequited love for another lead to heartbreak and grief.

Malvolio is a social climber, he feels that if Olivia would like him his status would be greater. But because of his pompous attitude Olivia is certainly not in love with him, and the rest of your home discovers him quite frustrating. As revenge for being such a bother in the house, Maria plants a love letter dealt with to Malvolio forged in Olivia’s handwriting. Malvolio is then tricked into believing that at last, his woman has actually succumbed to him. “I do not now trick myself, to let my imagination jade me, for every single factor thrills to this, that my girl likes me!” (2. 5. 53) With this brand-new info, Malvolio now has the confidence to reveal his love for Olivia. When he approaches her though, she believes he has actually gone mad and sends him away to be locked up. Malvolio’s love for Olivia has actually lead him to embarrassment, heartbreak and prison. Woman Olivia has actually been combating Duke Orsino for a while, so after her brother and daddy’s deaths, she goes into mourning for seven years, swearing she could never like another up until then. Regrettably for Olivia, this does not squash Duke Orsino’s spirit, but just makes him want her more. “O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first: me thought she purged air of pestilence” (1. 19). To make her love him back, Duke hires Cesario to woo Olivia for him. Duke can’t seem to capture a break due to the fact that Olivia then falls in love with Cesario. It is at this point in the story where the love triangle is developed. Throughout the time when Cesario is wooing Lady Olivia, Duke is challenged with odd feelings towards Cesario, which Cesario/Viola returns. It stands as Olivia likes Cesario/Viola, who enjoys Duke Orsino who loves Olivia. Each character suffers in sorrow as they can not have who they want, due to the fact that of status, gender or love for another.

Antonio rescues Sebastian after the shipwreck that separated him from his twin, Viola. Antonio right away takes a preference to Sebastian and assists return on his feet. Sebastian heads to Duke Orsino’s court to look for work, Antonio provides to assist however Sebastian has to decline as Antonio is a desired man and accompanying him on his journey would put him at danger. “However, come what may, I do adore thee so,/ the threat will appear sport, and I will go.” (2. 1. 43-44) Antonio follows him anyways and ends up encountering Viola dressed as Cesario in the middle of a fight with Sir Andrew.

Since Antonio believes Cesario is Sebastian, he actions in to safeguard him, out of his love. Viola is confused due to the fact that she’s never ever fulfilled Antonio prior to. However, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew acknowledge him as the wanted crook that he is and turn him in to the authorities. Although Antonio is eventually released he still ends up heartbroken as Sebastian winds up married to Olivia. In conclusion, Shakespeare shows us that love has two faces. One face shows us that love can be gorgeous and can bring joy, the other programs a darker and more painful side where love can be heartbreaking and mournful.

Malvolio’s love for Olivia brings him joy for a brief while until he learns that it was all a rip-off. The love triangle in between Duke Orsino, Woman Olivia and Viola as Cesario brings them bittersweet feelings as they are all at once gladly in love and sad with discomfort. Antonio loves Sebastian, however Sebastian winds up weding Olivia. Antonio is sad and leaves in frustration. Shakespeare provides us with an unfavorable view on the outcomes of love and brings his characters discomfort prior to they can experience love.

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