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Who Moved My Cheese? Summary


SuperSummary, a contemporary option to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, provides top quality study guides that include in-depth chapter summaries and analysis of significant styles, characters, quotes, and essay subjects. This one-page guide consists of a plot summary and brief analysis of Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a 1998 self-help novel by Spencer Johnson. An allegory for handling motivation in business world, it outlines different modifications that take place in a person’s individual and work lives. It frames these narratives of change in the lives of four characters, two mice and 2 “little people” searching for cheese. The book was a New York Times best seller after its release, has been translated into thirty-seven languages, and is among the most widely known motivational books for businesspeople.

The unique begins by introducing its four characters: the mice Sniff and Scamper, and two little people called Hem and Haw (after the colloquial expression for circular, indecisive logic). All four characters live in a maze that represents the business world’s complex social environment. There, they remain in consistent search for cheese, which symbolizes personal satisfaction. The characters start without cheese, but eventually, the mice pair with the human beings and wander the labyrinthine world to discover it. Ultimately, both of the mouse-human sets fall upon a hallway filled with cheese at a location called Cheese Station C. Elated to have lastly found what they are looking for, the humans allocate off their cheese usage, becoming compulsive and covetous.

One day, Sniff and Scurry come to Cheese Station C to consume, but there is no cheese left. Unsurprised, having seen the cheese supply reduce over time as the humans consumed it, they collaborate to look for a brand-new source of cheese. The very same day, Hem and Haw pertain to Cheese Station C and see that the cheese is gone. Annoyed, Hem asks who moved the cheese; he and Haw had anticipated the supply to last permanently. Because the people are totally unprepared, they blame the external world for their fortune and lament the oppression of deep space. Haw advises that they search for more cheese but is rebuffed by Hem, who asserts that they are victims.

Smell and Scamper, meanwhile, discover a brand-new area called Cheese Station N that has a brand-new supply of cheese. Back at Cheese Station C, Hem and Haw continue to argue about how to continue, blaming each other for their situation. As soon as once again, Haw proposes that they find a brand-new source of cheese, but Hem can not conceive of leaving their established regimen. They simmer in this state of inactiveness for a while, growing hungrier and hungrier without a strategy. One day, Haw’s worries about the future finally end up being too effective to reduce. He laughs ironically at his condition and resolves to have a funny bone. He chooses to proceed by himself, entering the labyrinth and writing a message for Hem that reads “If You Do Not Change, You Can End Up Being Extinct.”

Haw continues on his trip, composing inspirational quotes on the walls of the labyrinth to keep himself going. In some cases gotten rid of with fear in spite of his self-assurance, he discovers small scraps of cheese to keep himself fed as he continues looking for a brand-new supply of cheese. Eventually, Haw has an epiphany: The cheese is not naturally scarce, however supply has actually decreased all over due to the fact that of individuals’s continuous yearning and greed. When he stops at a cheese station that has actually been entirely robbed, he begins fearing the unknown once more. This time, nevertheless, his new knowledge about human greed and discontent comforts him. He handles to take pleasure in life regardless of the seeming impossibility of finding cheese. He states that freedom can be found only as soon as one gives up accessory to fear. When he finds yet another empty cheese station, Haw solves to find Hem and share a few of his recurring scraps to sustain him.

When Haw finds Hem, Hem rebuffs the deal of cheese. Haw heads back into the maze yet once again, going much deeper than ever before by following brand-new tracks of cheese. He leaves more and more inspiring messages on the wall, hoping not only that they will keep him going, however likewise that they may influence anybody who follows in his tracks. One day, he finds Cheese Station N full of cheese, consisting of types he has never ever seen. He considers this verification that he remains in the best mindset. After he has his fill, he ruminates and thinks for a little while about going back to Hem. Ultimately, he chooses to move on and let Hem figure it out himself. He writes a series of life-help rules on the wall of Cheese Station N for future passersby.

Now mindful, having actually gained from past experience, Haw reviews the state of Cheese Station N every day. Even when it is in good condition, he continues to browse the maze to keep himself on his toes. The novel ends on a day when Haw senses somebody approaching his station. He hopes that it is Hem, which recommends that the private ultimately desires raise his pals in addition to him.

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