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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte – Heathcliff, a protagonist or antagonist?


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte– Heathcliff, a protagonist or antagonist?Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights might be perceived to be simply another unique, waiting to be checked out by the average reader, sitting on some remote bookshelf. This narrow-mindedness will be out of the mind of the reader when he turns past the first page; this book is anything but traditional. Some characters have more depth to us than numerous real-life people, and one such character is Heathcliff. Damaged by the previous and bent on avenging everybody who maltreated him (and their enjoyed ones), he is called crazy by lots of. That first impression would hold true if the character was taken, placed alone, and evaluated. Outrageous”would be the outcome, unless the character is analyzed correctly– against the backdrop of his past, his surroundings, and his liked ones. Thinking about Heathcliff’s past, he has practically every right to be outrageous. He was abused– after Mr Earnshaw passed away, he was no longer treated as an equivalent part of the household. He ended up being a servant– dealing with the field all day, not having access to education, and so on. This considerably scarred him; those actions on behalf of Hindley and the Lintons are accountable for Heathcliff’s emotional state and his animosity versus everybody however Catherine. This grudge– is responsible for lots of significant occasions, such as the capture and

“imprisonment”of Cathy and Nelly, and Heathcliff’s decision to force the marriage in between Cathy and Linton. That shows that individuals surrounding Heathcliff are to be blamed for his actions. The reasons for Heathcliff’s torture don’t stop there. Quite most likely the most crucial reason is Catherine– or rather, the lack of her. His entire life prior to Catherine’s death, he spent thinking about her. Their love was more than the love of any other couple– it was on a spiritual airplane. They might link mentally in a way that no other individuals could. Catherine once said:”Nelly,

I am Heathcliff!”. After her death, Heathcliff was still consumed with her. He enjoys Catherine to the point of asking her ghost to haunt her. He had a prayer that he was repeating over and over up until his tongue stiffens:” Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living! You said I killed you– haunt me, then! “. He loved her so much, that he wanted to be haunted by her. The person he most treasured in his life was gone. His life ended up being useless– all he ever wanted was gone, permanently. His severe desire to be with her describes his seemingly outrageous actions, such as digging up Catherine’s tomb and the desire to be buried

with her in the exact same grave so their bones would blend. It is palpable that a modern-day, average person would refrain from doing this, however one should understand that Heathcliff’s feelings are extremely strong, and such strong love was quite possible in those times. For Heathcliff, it’s nearly excusable– such strong love was bound to have repercussions; it was just a matter of time before one or both of the lovers were ravaged. From the aforementioned details, it ends up being apparent that Heathcliff is a lead character. He may not be the lead characters that numerous other books illustrate– not the sort of person who conserves the world and handles to eliminate off the antagonists at the exact same time. No; Heathcliff is a different kind of protagonist. He shows us how deep feelings can go, and how far people will opt for those feelings. Heathcliff’s feelings are the greatest a person can obtain, and it’s represented with utmost clarity. His love for Catherine reveals that there are no limitations to just how much love a person can have; there may be really extreme consequences (in case of Heathcliff, a destroyed life), but that does not seem to avoid people from “going overboard”. If Heathcliff isn’t the lead character, then who is? There aren’t all that lots of characters that could be one. Hindley– definitely not; he ruined Heathcliff’s life when he was young. Nelly– despite the fact that she is the storyteller, she is not truly active in the primary story; she just re-tells the story through her own eyes. Her actions have little control over the happenings. Edgar or Isabella– they treat Heathcliff like a servant; certainly not what he should have. Any of the first-generation Earnshaws or Lintons– they weren’t truly taking part in the story after the very first few chapters. It is usual for Emily Bronte to let characters

simply die off after they’re no longer needed: this has occurred with the Mr and Mrs Earnshaw, Linton, Hindley, and others. Other characters can’t be the protagonists considering that they have so little involvement in the primary story. The only two main characters can be Heathcliff and Catherine. That’s why I firmly stand on the belief that Heathcliff is a protagonist in this novel.

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