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Wuthering Heights Essay: Love as a Theme


Wuthering Heights Essay: Love as a Style

Wuthering Heights essay When we think of love, we think pleased times, smiles, relationship, and all things good but often love is shown in an unfavorable sense and that sense is depicted in the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. There are numerous methods for love to be analyzed among individuals and some of those shown in Wuthering Heights would be that love is corrupt, that it is polluted, and that sometimes it is unjustified.

Love is sometimes corrupt and that element is revealed numerous times in the story between Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar. One example of love being corrupt would be Catherine playing Heathcliff and Edgar both for fools; she goes around telling each that she likes them which she might never imagine a world without them etcetera and with those word she in some way handles to corrupt both of their minds into believing they are the just one for her.

Another example of love being corrupt in the story would be when Heathcliff supports Catherine’s side when she marries Edgar and how she “loved” Heathcliff but constantly appeared to be blowing him off; with that Catherine always having fun with Heathcliff and having discussions on the moors but once she had actually been catered to in the Linton house she saw an entire new light and in some way appeared to forget about her very dear friend.

True love is difficult to discover but often people are blessed with a loyal individual other times not so much, this could trigger a love to be tainted or blind. An example of that depicted in Wuthering Heights would be Cathy and Linton winding up together by force however Cathy’s heart being set on Hareton. The love she has for Linton is polluted because it’s not true it’s required upon her to like him, however with Hareton she has had a sense of affection to a greater level.

Another example of love being tainted or blind would be the love that Edgar held for Catherine, because he was faithful to her and remained real the entire length of their relationship but he was blind to see that her heart was set on Heathcliff. Edgar enjoyed and dealt with Catherine in every method possible to make her happy but it never seemed enough, the reason was since all she thought of was Heathcliff. Love appears to be unjust in between characters in Wuthering Heights, the reader must have the ability to detect this in a couple of short chapters.

Take Isabella for instance, her love for Heathcliff is unjust in the way that she barely knows this man and yet she declares that she is head over heels in love with him which they are going to spend the rest of their lives together when in all truth Heathcliff’s heart will constantly be set on Catherine. Another example of unfair love would be the treatment of Heathcliff as a pre-teen living at Wuthering Heights with Catherine and Hindley.

Hindley’s physical and spoken abuse towards him was unfair because Heathcliff ultimately never did anything to deserve the abuse he got from Hindley. Sure he entered into their home, however he did nothing however ask for love as any other child would. The perception of love through somebody’s eyes when checking out Wuthering Heights would be that love is corrupt, that it is tainted or blind, which sometimes it is even a little unjustified. The book shows lots of areas of these themes and how they can affect the way an individual views a particular situation concerning the matter of love.

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