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Young Goodman Brown Analysis


The gloom Young Goodman Brown is feeling from the reality he finds throughout the night is totally justified. How could it not be after such a terrible experience? His whole picture of the world around him was shattered. Individuals he brand-new and admired, were not what he invested his life thinking them to be.

There are many passages by Young Goodman Brown that depict these ideas, sensation, loss of innocence, and modifications to his perception in the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. What right away stood apart to me was the sweet exchange of words Goodman and Faith had, at the train station prior to his departure.

Faith had bad dreams and unfavorable thoughts about Goodman’s journey and does not desire him to leave. Goodman replies, “My love and my Faith, of all nights in the year, this one night needs to I tarry far from thee.” This line was the best. I have actually never heard a better method to inform a female that I can not hang out with her. This line will be utilized by me at a long time in my life. I wonder how much better Goodman’s life would have been if he would have listened to faith. Goodman related to Faith as his anchor to whatever that is right in the world.

Faith, with her pink ribbons, is what could right any of the wrongs that may take place to him on his journey. “After this one night I’ll hold on to her skirts and follow her to paradise,” he tells himself in the fashion of a quiet prayer, pleading to make it through the night. I see this concept, of using Faith as a prayer, when he contemplates the phrase, “what calm sleep would be his that extremely night, which was to have been invested so wickedly, however so simply and sweetly now, in the arms of Faith! In the middle of these pleasant and admirable meditations.” It appeared as if everybody from the town had a relationship with the devil.

“I assisted your grandpa, the constable, when he lashed the Quaker female so smartly through the streets of Salem: and it was I that brought your dad a pitch pin knot, kindled at my own hearth, to set fire to an Indian village, in King Philip’s war,” stated the devil. One of the first minutes of reality occurred when Goodman witnessed Goody Cloyse talking to the devil. Hawthorne portrays Goodman’s shock by having him duplicate the expression, “That old woman taught me my catechism.” As soon as you start on the road of behavior that makes you lose your innocence, the much easier it ends up being to take a trip down that path.

The devil stated, attempting to comfort Goodman, “You will believe much better of this by and by.” The minute the Devil plucked the maple branch and it withered was a metaphor of how evil corrupts the innocent and a representation of what was in shop for Goodman’s life after that night. Goodman was so surprised that the very leaders of his faith, the Deacon, would venture out into the night to satisfy the male with the snake cane. Then Goodman heard the cry of sorrow and held the pink ribbon in his hand sobbing out, “my Faith is gone,” was the end of his attempting to stand up to the devil.

He gave up specifying, “there is no excellent on earth; and sin is however a name.” In this moment of despair he calls out to the devil specifying, “Come, devil; for to thee is the world given.” When he felt he lost is anchor (Faith) to whatever that was Holy and pure to him he quit. In Goodman’s mind he had no other choice to follow the Devil and after being apart of that ritual of initiation and the devil’s preaching, there was no returning for him. Young Goodman Brown will forever be dismal and withdrawn.

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